Manicure / Pedicure

Sweet Honey  $35

Exfoliating scrub with honey sugar & rich minerals.

Callus Restoration  $33

Callus removal, scrub away your stubborn calluses away!

Plush Pedicure  $43

Combination of Sweet Honey & Callus Restoration Pedicure.

Deluxe Callus Restoration Package  $43

Callus repair treatment with clay foot mask & moisturizing hot towel wrap.

Platinum Sweet Honey Package  $45

Our Sweet Honey Package pedicure scrub with honey sugar, clay foot mask, and moisturizing hot towel.

Exotic Pedicure  $53

Callus Restoration, Sweet Honey Scrub, clay foot mask, and moisturizing hot towel package.

Wë Nails Pedicure  $73

Our signature package that includes callus restoration, sweet honey scrub, clay foot mask, moisturizing hot towel package, and a special hydrating paraffin with an additional ten minutes of massage.

Gel Manicure  $35   Gel Pedicure  $40

Cut,file,shape & nip cuticles with cuticle oil. Hand, foot and leg massage with hot towel. Gel polish of your choice.

Reg. Mani  $18   Reg. Pedi  $25   Mani/Pedi  $40


Massage  10 mins $10

Gel Polish Change  $25   Callus Removal $10

Gel Soak Off  $5 / Soak Off Acrylic $10